Monday, March 15, 2010

R.U.S.E One Hour Review

Checking up on my Steam games list, I was blessed with a beta test of R.U.S.E, a RTS with the ability to screw with your opponents by setting up fake ambushes, camouflaging your whole base, or with a few other tricks.

Not going to lie, RTS's were never my forte, but this one is kinda fun. Against a computer. Pit yourself in a match online and you will be treated to a metric shit-load of fake attacks, because the developers, in their infinite wisdom, made all of the ruses free. Fake bases will be set up all around you, and then they will be hidden, then an air strike will be sent on you, followed by an ambush of tanks.

Granted since this a beta, once the game launches, real people will stop doing this, but it is a free beta, so these dudes are everywhere.

Also, the beta presents some problems, troops are hard to select, and you have to send some of them off right when you make them. Planes are great, but they constantly need to refuel and pick up more ammo. Planes of course, being the only easy thing to select. They have a nice little picture in the bottom corner, with a number of how many you have, and click on it multiple times to select multiple units. Something I would love for all my other units.

The A.I seems to be pretty good, easy isn't retarded, or stupid hard. It's easy, good for beginners, I didn't challenge a "hard". So I can't tell you if it is the generic, all-powerful omnipotent being from most RTS games.

Keeping this review pretty short, because it is a beta test, so problems will be fixed and whatnot. But my advice, play against an AI opponent first. Understand how the ruses work, and what certain troops can really do. It's a game based on deception, that takes some strategy to win.

I'm going to buy it once it comes out, so I can play against some non-assholes. Well, in all fairness, fake tanks and air raids every two minutes with an all out attack in the middle some where might be a good plan....

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